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At Mehta Herbs & Spices, we have each and every product to cater to your daily personal care needs. Feel fresh and refreshed with our Aloe based products. We have a range of tea varieties that have been made with tender and finely plucked tea leaves.

Skin care

Healthy skin starts with a regular skin care regime. Your skin is something that you cannot...

Aloe vera Moisturising cream Aloe cucumber gel Aloe vera gel Aloe Vera Lotion

Personal Care

For personal hygiene and beautification, personal care is very important. Some of the products...

Aloe vera conditioning shampoo Aloe vera Moisturizing shower gel Aloe Vera Face Wash

Specialty Teas

At Mehta Herbs & Spices, we have a passion for tea. We have a range of tea varieties that...

Kilmelfort Paradise Green Kilmelfort Verdant Green Kilmelfort Cloud Green

Artisanal Teas

Artisanal teas are handcrafted which offers a premium range of teas with a passion for purity.

Kilmelfort Green Hands Kilmelfort MistyKil Kilmelfort Silver Sliver

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